The Beard Trim to Get When it Curls Out

—Josh Lawson

We've seen a lot of fades and trims, but this one is gonna be different. Rich came to see Mahesh at Cut & Grind to tidy up his entire look. As Mahesh puts it, a sympathetic cut on top with a beard trim. He wants to take in wings of his beard to really shape it all up. His beard is the length he wants but is working on growing out his hair.

He starts by going around the back and sides with a scissor over comb since Rich is wanting to grow out his hair. They really don't want any hard lines so they don't use any clippers. Mahesh takes a little bit of weight off the sides and blends it with the top. It's all about making it look tidy.

Now for the beard. Since they are being kind and gentle, he uses scissors. It's a really curly beard that waves out a lot. Your instincts will be to cut it down really short. To make things a little easier when you go to your barber, or cut at home (so one side doesn't look different than the other) shampoo you beard, wash it out and add conditioner, then leave that in while you wash your body. After that, rinse it slightly and dry your beard. This'll keep your beard safe while you dry your beard, but it's all about finding what works best for you.

With the mustache, Rich seems to be eating some of it. Mahesh pulls it back and cuts the bits that fall in front of his mouth. His stache seems a little bit thinner than the beard, so he's careful not to cut too much in order to preserve its thickness. They don't want the beard to look too pristine since it is so curly, so they decide to go with a more natural look.

Foils are used above the cheek line to get rid of the stray lighter hairs, while also preserving a bit of the look of it all. To make it all sit in place, they add Tea Tree Styling Balm to his beard. You don't need much, and you apply it the same way you'd apply a beard oil. Instead of trying to smooth it out, just work it in and mold it the way you want to wear it.

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