The Best Beard Advice You Can Get

—Josh Lawson

Carlos is back in the studio to share his top three beard don'ts. These are based on his personal experience, years of caring for his beard, making mistakes, and everything he's seen while filming the barbershop videos for the channel. He's come across a ton of different beards, tons of guys who've made mistakes, and all the questions he gets from everyone in the community. So he thought it would be a good opportunity for a video.

1. Don't Go Short on the Sides

A lot of guys so shorter on the sides to be at the same level as the front. For Carlos, that's a huge no. He did that in the past, and it kept curling out and he kept having to go shorter and shorter. One day, with the advice of an amazing barber, they convinced him to grow the sides long instead of cutting them shorter. By growing them longer, you create layers, it sits down nicely, there are fewer curls, and over the years of growth add up to make it look thicker.

2. Don't Shave Above the Cheek Line

When you shave, a few hours later you may feel a few hairs coming through. The next day there are even more. You have to keep shaving it every day. To make the line look nice and clean, he gets his threaded. By doing this, the hair grows much slower and some it might not even grow anymore. Your skin will look much smoother and there is almost no irritation. You can also just let it all grow and go for the natural look.

3. Don't Pull Your Beard Out

This is still an issue for Carlos, but he's gotten a lot better at not doing it. Of course, it's nice to touch and play with it, but do that in a way where you don't concentrate in one area. He's seen this with Eric too, who likes to pull on his lower lip part. While Greg was visiting him, every time he saw Carlos pulling on his beard he would slap his hand away! Find something else to occupy your hands and beard, like a comb.

Bonus Tip: Don't Shave Into Your Neck Line

You create a hole. When you have a shorter beard and decide to look up or to the side, it becomes really noticeable. It's not a great look to him, but some people can pull it off.

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