The Best Beards of 2014

—Urban Beardsman

Several times each month men and women from across the country gather together for a purpose. They pack their luggage with brushes, combs, waxes, oils, and hairsprays. The wardrobe they bring runs the gamut from t-shirts to bow ties, from plaid flannels and vests to kilts and full-on Halloween costumes. They log hundreds of miles traveling by car and motorcycle, train and jet. They do so not for prize money or personal gain, but for charity and camaraderie. This is the world of the competitive beardsman.

Part man pageant, part family reunion and all for fun, competitive facial hair events are organized by beard and moustache clubs to give back to their community, raising much needed funds for local non-profits. Each competitor chooses his category, ranging from a number of moustache styles to every cut and length of full and partial beard you can imagine. Setting these competitions apart from the original European beard contests are the Whiskerina fake beard categories, a uniquely American addition. There, wives, girlfriends, and clever ladies armed with a hot glue gun and imagination craft their own realistic-looking and fantastic facial hair entries. The first place winners of each category then faces off at the end of the night to determine who wins the Best In Show trophy.

We all know that every beardsman is already a winner and a cut above most, but it takes a special quality of beard to win your category, and then to win Best In Show. From the hundreds of beardsmen and Whiskerinas that compete each year, the following are America’s Best In Show winners from 2014. They are the best of the best.


The Langum Lion

Jeff Langum, Philadelphia Beard and Mustache Club

Come & Shave It #8 – Austin, TX – 2/22


The Justin-credible Beard

Justin Bolin, Queen City Beard & Moustache Federation

St. Louis Beard & Mustache Club 1st Annual Facial Hair Competition – St. Louis, MO – 3/8


The DeadSmallBeer Beard

Todd Richardson, Team Dream Beard
Whiskered Wonderland II – Boston, MA – 3/8


The Virginia Giant

Kevin Wilhelm, Roanoke Mustache & Beard Club

“Best Of BAM”, 2nd Annual Carolina B.A.M. Competition – Charlotte, NC – 3/22

Photo credit: Jeffrey Moustache

The Chops of the Republic

Nate Johnson, Los Angeles Facial Hair Society

3rd Annual Northern CA Beard & Moustache Competition – Sacramento, CA – 4/5


The Canned Professor

Paul Roof, Holy City Beard & Moustache Society

3rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Beard & ‘Stache Championships – Richmond, VA – 4/26

Photo credit: Kurt William Hunt

The Jrod “Frizz”

Jrod Rizz, Tulsa Inner Thigh Ticklers Society (T.I.T.T.S.)

5th Annual Beard & Moustache Competition – Springfield, MO – 5/3

Photo credit: Oktober Hollow Photography

The Salty Dog

Larry Phillips, Garden State Beard and Mustache Society

RMBC 1st Annual Beard and Mustache Competition – Roanoke, VA – 5/17

Lifetime Achievement Award, The Beard & Mustache Championship of the Universe – Atlantic City, NJ – 11/22

Photo credit: PhotosByDash

The Paul Roof

Sabrina Vela, Austin Facial Hair Club

Ladies Best In Show, 4th Annual Southeastern Beard & Moustache Championships – Charleston, SC – 5/24


The Beardmaster General

Bryan Nelson, Austin Facial Hair Club

Mens Best In Show, 4th Annual Southeastern Beard & Moustache Championships – Charleston, SC – 5/24

LAFHS 2nd Annual Beard & Moustache Competition – Los Angeles, CA – 6/21

Midwest Mustache and Beard Wearer’s Championship – Madison, WI – 7/12


The J Bear-d

Jonah Hickson, Metropolitan Pogonotrophy Society

Rocket City Beard & Stache Bash – Huntsville, AL – 6/7


The Long Island Chops

Dan Roberts, Long Island Beard and Mustache Society

2014 Showdown at the Southern Gates – Nashville, TN – 7/12

Photo credit: Meghan Laurin

The Pride of Raleigh

Jeff Spear, Oak City Beard & Mustache Assembly

Inaugural Oak City Beard and Mustache Competition – Raleigh, NC – 7/19


The Jives-tache

Jessica Ives, Austin Facial Hair Club

Battle on the Bayou Beard and Mustache Competition –  Houston, TX – 7/26


The Viking Warrior

Arik Anderson, Lumbertown Beard Barons

3rd Annual Great Lakes Regional Beard & Moustache Championship – Grand Haven, MI – 8/16

Battle of the Beards: A ‘Stache for Cash Benefit 2014 – Bellefontaine, OH – 11/15

Photo credit: Robert Warren

The Cupbeard

Adam F. Scott, Louisiana Beard & Facial Hair Association

New Orleans Beard and Mustache Championships – New Orleans, LA – 9/29

Photo credit: Cheyenna Nelson

The Scoundrel of the Seven Seas

Ashley Nichols, Cape Beard : Follicles Of Freedom

Beardtoberfest – Episode II: Attack of the Beards – Fayetteville, NC – 10/11

Photo credit: Jeffrey Mustache

The Music Maker

Alice Boykin, Canyon State Beard Club

Queen, 2nd Annual Canyon State Facial Hair Championships – Mesa, AZ – 11/8

Photo Credit: Jodi Lutz

The Coolest Beard at the Beach

Meaghan Cool (Yes. That’s really her name.), Oak City Beard & Mustache Assembly

Hampton Roads Beard & Stache Society Inaugural Beard & Mustache Competition – Virginia Beach, VA – 11/8

Photo credit: Simon Cleveland

The Ackerstache

Nick Ackermann, Garden State Beard and Mustache Society

The Beard & Mustache Championship of the Universe – Atlantic City, NJ – 11/22

Editor’s Note: We know that there are many other beard clubs out there, and we’d love to include you next time. Please contact us for inclusion in future Best Beards stories.

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Chad Roberts is an East Coast Westerner, lover of craft beer, competitive beardsmith, president and founder of the @RVABeardLeague. Find him at: @rvabeardo. Website:

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