The Best Bloopers From Our Barbershop Series

As some of you may know, haircuts and beard trims don't usually take 12-15 minutes, if they do please tell us who your barber is and if they take appointments. We end up cutting out a lot of material from the raw footage to make it easier for you to watch on YouTube and get it down to a watchable length. After all, we want to show off the cut, style, and general shape of the beard and hair.

You guys only get a small piece of all the banter that goes on in the shop. So, we thought you guys should be able to be able to laugh as much as we do! Our editor Jack, compiled the bits from Gentleman & Rogues club that made him laugh the most and put them all into a nice little video for you to enjoy. If it's not enough for you, don't worry this is only Part 1!




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