The Best Haircut for Parkour and Stunts

—Josh Lawson

Toby is at Gentleman & Rogues Club with Mahesh to get his haircut. Today they will be doing a bit of a restyle. The best thing to do is to go in short on the back and sides with a 2. No matter what they do today, Toby will walk out looking completely different. His hair is weighing him down, so he wants to go considerably shorter on the back, sides, and the crown.

The front is a bit frazzled and dry, so Mahesh wants to razor cut it, as well as the top, to take out a bunch of the weight without sacrificing length. He only sections the top and doesn't go all the way down to the crown since that's where the core of the length will be kept. Sectioning it off makes sure it is well protected during the rest of the cut. Toby wanted to make a change cause he felt he's had the same style for a while.

Mahesh works his way around the head with the 2, starting low and moving up. He flicks out near the top to leave a small weight line around the sides, but nothing near as long as the top. This helps take out all the bulk so they can go back and clean it up later. A little fun fact away from the video: Toby is an apprentice for, and training to be, a stunt actor. He also coaches parkour and gymnastics at the local gym.

Mahesh goes back in with a 1, mainly around the bottom, so his haircut will have some shape to it. When you need a touch up on long hair, you can either cut it slightly to make it easier to deal with or get rid of it all. If you don't do either one, then you're stuck in the in-between of hair and that never looks good on anyone. At the end of the day, he's still young and has plenty of time to grow it all back.

He wets Toby's hair and combs it forward. He goes back around near the top and crown to see the line he previously put in. To make the cut more uniform, he uses that as a base and cuts the hair that falls over it to match. He still makes sure not to cut into the rest of the hair and works his way around the head. Mahesh brings each section down and cutting at an angle so it is shorter at the crown (similar to how you would cut a pompadour). They cut the hair on top at an angle as well. As he moves forward with the cut, he cuts at an upward angle.

After taking off as much hair as Toby and Mahesh are comfortable with, they move on to adding texture and taking out some weight. He takes a thinning razor through the haircut. Texturizing scissors and a comb are used on the edges to give it a softer look and take more weight out. There was only one part he didn't love and it was the length near his eye. So Mahesh makes it more in line with the eyebrow and he's happy as can be.

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