The Best Textured Haircut For Men

Matt is at Gentleman and Rogues Club to get a high skin fade by Charlie. He is gonna take a 0 just above the temple and fade up. For the top, they are really gonna give it a lot of texture, but leave the length in the fringe. He starts off with the detailers and puts a baseline in where he wants the fade to be, arching down around the occipital bone. After that, he takes away all the hair under that line, then switches to the foils.

Charlie puts pressure with the tool on the neck, and as he works his way up he slowly releases that tension. With the foils, if you ever feel like you have a bit of a weight line, just flip them and only use one of the blades. After using the foils, he starts to use the clippers on Matt's hair with a 1 guard. This creates another line in the hair as well, but he flicks away as he moves up as well. Next, comes the .5 guard, and works about halfway between those two lines so the fade looks nice. Once that is finished, Charlie uses a slightly open 0 and flicks out as he reaches the line. To get rid of the little bit of line he had left, he uses the corner of the detailers.

Before he goes any further, he clips Matt's hair out of the way. When dealing with the weight on the sides, Charlie uses a clipper over comb. He does this by placing the spine against the skin, and angling it out gradually. The rest of the weight at the top he'll use a scissor over comb to feather the edges and thin out some of the hair. Then he moves on to the crown and connects the two shortest points of the hair.

He wants to leave as much length as possible in the fringe, so he angles it out and does a bit of point cutting to give some texture. To add another dimension to the cut, he does a bit of point cutting all throughout the top. He finishes with a bit of sea salt spray and a bit of powder grit.




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