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The Best Way to Get a High Skin Fade with a Flat Top

We're switching barber shops again to check out the shop of a former barber at Cut & Grind, Tilly, went on to start! So, Luther is in the chair to get his hair cut by her! He want's to get a high skin fade. Tilly starts with the mini trimmers to establish the line. Luther wants it a bit higher, but she reassures him that it'll look higher when after she fades above it with a 0.

As usually, she dips around the back to avoid the occipital bone. Luther has been getting this cut for about two years now but used to wear it with no fade at all. Tilly goes back over the area she shaved off again to get rid of any hairs she missed. Then she takes a 1 and goes over the line she had previously made. Occasionally, when she cuts afro hair, she goes the other way to get a nice even trim. She alternates between a 0.5 and 0.75 to a really nice gradient in the fade.

When fading, she looks in the mirror cause she sees the line much better that way than just up close. Skin fades can be rough to watch and evaluate step by step cause the haircut looks really weird when you break it down. Tilly moves on to a 0.25 and continues the fade. She also constantly brushing. The hair is so soft that as soon as the clippers touch it, it moves the other direction. The brushing helps put it back.

Tilly makes sure to fade Luther's side burns as well to make the whole cut even. She creates the shape near the forehead using a trimmer then makes it super precise by following up with a straight razor.





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