The Best Way to Style a Rockabilly Haircut

—Josh Lawson

Gene is in Gentleman & Rogues Club to see Charlie for a haircut. He wants to get a bit of a fade, grade 2, up to the temple and gradually get longer up against the sides. With the top, he still wants to sweep it back, with a lot of length kept at the fringe and plenty of room for a high quiff.

Charlie sections hair away on the top so he can focus on the sides. He takes his 2 guards up the side of the head to the temple and flicks out. He does this all the way around the head and dips down at the occipital bone like normal. This is the short point of the haircut, so Charlie won't be going shorter than the 2 guard. Now he moves on to a clipper over comb. it lays flat against Gene's head, and Charlie angles it out to change the length slightly where he needs it. After all that, he wets the remaining hair and combs it down so he can do a scissor over comb. It's mainly a bit of point cutting to blend in the line.

For the top, Charlie combed the sides back to match the top. There is a slight weight line where it is disconnected, so what he does is take a 2 with the comb to move it from the temple to the other side of the crown. Charlie then connects the shortest points to make that weight line disappear. He then repeats it on the other side. He also has to connect the shortest points on the crown. Next, he works to connect the middle. He sections it into a diamond shape and gets it into smaller triangles. They don't want to take too much off, so Charlie only snips a knuckles worth then twists it and texturizes it.

After drying the hair off, Charlie sharpens up the edges around the ear and back of the neck. To help get the style he wants, they add some pomade and use a comb to get that rockabilly look he was going for.


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