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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

In today’s podcast episode, Eric and Clayton are joined by Ian Schoen to talk about about the entrepreneurial mindset.

Starting out as a product designer in the corporate world, Ian explains that his early years were important in gaining the experience necessary to start his first company, which manufactured things like portable bars and valet equipment. After eight years, Ian reached a point where he felt it was time to move on – he sold the business three months ago and is ready for his next adventure. He also discusses the early challenges of product development and sales, and customer relationships.

Eric weighs in and discusses his drive to constantly create, and how long it can take for projects and businesses to gain traction and truly come to fruition. Eric and Ian also talk about Ian’s podcast The Tropical MBA, developing thick skin, and Clayton talks about starting his own comedy show and the idea of an entrepreneurial comedian.

To learn more about Ian and Eric’s journey as entrepreneurs, and to hear about the behind-the-scenes details about entrepreneurialism and starting a business, listen now to today’s podcast episode! And to connect with Ian, find him on twitter at @AnythingIan.


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