The First Two Years of Fatherhood

In today’s video, Eric talks fatherhood, and the first few years of being a dad.

The first few months of a child’s life are all about nurturing them, and sometimes that can a be difficult task for guys with a strong sense of independence to connect with. But as a child grows and begins interacting with the world, your role as a father becomes to guide them, teach them, and love them. And as men, this is the point where the bond with our children starts to grow, and this helps give a child initiative to learn on their own and do what’s in their best interest.

Eric gives new fathers some advice, saying that the minute details aren’t the parts of parenting that matter most, it’s about the love and support you give your child, and fostering their confidence to go forth into the world and grow.

Check out the video above to hear Eric talk more about being a dad and what it means to be a parent!




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Eric Bandholz, Founder