The Key to Improving Yourself, Boosting Your Confidence, and Increasing Your Happiness

—Josh Lawson

Your boy Bandholz is back in front of the camera to tell you the biggest mistake men are making! We're not here to tease you, so let's get to the point; the biggest mistake you're making is that you're not investing in yourself. In fact, the investment in yourself and prioritizing yourself is not only good for you, but good for those around you, your friends, family, loved ones, and everyone you come in contact with. You can invest in yourself in tons of different ways. For example, you're already reading this, or watching the video, which means you're on Beardbrand and that means you're investing in your style, beard, hair, your overall look, and your self-worth!

The guys on Wall Street are spending over $1000 or $2000 on their suits. They are custom made, custom tailored and fits them like a glove. These guys look awesome, but then they forget everything above the tie and forget to invest in their appearance. Get a little bit of product, and put it in your beard. Throw some beard oil in there, put some styling balm in your hair. The world looks at more than just what you wear.

While we are biased, grooming products are a great way to invest in yourself, feel good about yourself, and put a presentable version of yourself out to the world. That's not the only way to invest though. There's education, learning, and getting better at your craft. If you're not a guy that feels comfortable with style options or changing too much of your appearance, find those hobbies and passions that you love and get really at it. Personally, Eric enjoys graphic design. He's self-taught too. Never had any professional classes about it or anything. But he's spent tons of time on YouTube and researching the different aspects of design. He's not perfect, but every time he learns something new he gets that boost of confidence.

Confidence is a super powerful too, and actually helps you go above and beyond what you thought you were capable of! It allows you to take on new projects you maybe didn't think you were up to. Once you have that confidence, you can use it and transfer it to other parts of your life. You've seen you can push yourself in one area, so why not do it in another. That investment is your foundation!

In Eric's life he has a hierarchical look at how he prioritizes things. Personally, he's a non-believer, but for those out there who do believe in a higher power faith comes first. He sees it as an investment in yourself. Right after faith is you. Once you prioritize this way, you can help those under you! The people around you will be happier once they see you taking care of yourself and being happy too. Most people like to be around happy, confident people who want to be leaders. All of that starts with investment in yourself. Move out of the gutter, and lift yourself from your bootstraps to the top of the totem pole. Baby steps are ok, and you'll get there eventually, but that's why we need to keep on growing, and that's why we say it so much! We want you to get better and invest in yourself!

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