The Most Popular Beard Styles for 2017

Parker Mallouf

Eric Bandholz is back on the channel to give his predictions of the 5 most popular beard styles for 2017! 

1. The Mustache - Not just any mustache, rather large, gnarly mustaches. This style will make you stand out in a crowd. The modern mustache doesn't resemble the vintage handlebar style seen in previous trends. The new mustache is more styled to look like the Tom Selleck signature cop 'stache. It's not being worn ironically anymore. Guys are starting to sport the lip beard in pursuit of style. 

2. The Scruffy Goat - This hybrid beard is popping up more frequently. The scruffy goat is easy to maintain, and does a great job of adding structure to your jaw line. This style can also we sported if you have patches around the cheeks. The beauty of stubble is it conceals patches that become much more noticeable with longer beards. The secret is to maintain a well kept stubble around the cheeks and sideburns, while adding a little length the the stache and goatee area.

3. The Disconnected Stache - This style is often seen being sported by Beardbrand's Carlos Costa. A disconnected mustache involves a 2-4 month old beard, with a larger, unkempt mustache that sits on top of the beard. The beard needs to maintained around the neck and cheek line. 

4. The Short Beard - Many of the big bearded fellas hate to see this happen. Guys are going shorter and shorter with their beards. Whether you're in favor of this or not, it's the newest trend amongst the 18-28 year old trend setting age group. The look resembles more of a corporate beard style with a neatly trimmed, and often blended mustache. This beard is symmetrical in length, and involves minimal upkeep. A short beard can really involve any length from stubble to a minimalist beard length.  

5. The Yeard - Although the trend is going shorter, some rebellious dudes are actually growing out their beards. That's right, the yeard lives on. However, guys who are going for length are leaning towards keeping their face forest more groomed and controlled. With the tools and knowledge available now, its easier than ever to stay on top of your grooming practices. 


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  • Started my first real beard in early summer this year. Glad to hear that big beards aren’t going out of style, as that’s what I’m going for. If my density allows it. Have to give Beardbrand a big thanks for giving so many good tips that have helped me taking better care of myself, and getting me started on this journey of selv improvement. I’m rocking an auburn beard of 3 months atm, and loving it! It’s really about so much more than just the beard, right?

    Markus Jäntti on

  • Just jumping on board to the beard trend. I always thought it was impossible for me, but I never gave it more then a month. I’m just at four weeks and i’m headed down at least a 90 day venture. I will reassess my face then!!!!

    Mackeye on

  • Still rocking the full beard (about 6 mo growth) with a big stache. The wife would NEVER let me shave off the ’ole chin wig!!! She has come to like it as much as i do!

    Beardsmith on

  • I didn’t grow a beard till I was 47 I think beards are ageless not just for the young and I’ve grown mine long with a neck beard and it’s long trimmed neat, well groomed and the ladies love it I’ve even got a bit more respect in my job ,and intend to keep it for many years

    Paul Thomas on

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