The Nicky Massive Pouch

—Parker Mallouf
The Nicky Massive Pouch

“Skip the mini-bottles and go full-size – you’ve got the room. The Nicky Massive rubber and canvas pouch from Rubber Killer is a XXL wash bag designed to fit your full-size shampoos and conditioners, deodorant, hair care products, and anything else you need to round out your travel essentials.”

This item changes the game for the traveling beardsman. You won’t need to skimp on any essential toiletries next time you hit the open road. This bag is spacious, and incredibly durable. Constructed with used automobile tire inner tubes, this bag is practically indestructible.

This beardsman bag is also equipped with two inner pockets, a canvas wrist strap, and a reinforced metal zipper for added security. The Nicky Massive Pouch is offered in red, black, or grey depending on which collection you buy from.

Rubber Killer is the name of the manufacturer. This company has an incredibly innovative business plan, that entails salvaging used materials, and turning them into luggage, bags, and totes.

An excerpt from the Rubber Killer biography claims, “Rubber Killer uses the inner tubes from all types of vehicles, from the smallest inner tubes of bicycle to the inner tubes of eighteen-wheel trucks and tractors, which were normally abandoned, wasted with no benefit to the world. The numbers of rubber inner tubes wasted are a huge burden on Mother Nature as the agricultural and developing countries continue using lots of tires each year”.

Alongside this incredible amount of ingenuity, Rubber Killer also provides fair-compensation employment for tribe people and other locals in low wage countries. Lastly, a portion of the profits are set aside for a scholarship fund benefitting poor children in Thailand.

You can rest easy knowing you’ll not only be buying an accessory that will last for years to come, but you’ll also be supporting a great cause.

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