The Number One Tip for Growing Out Your Beard

Emily Wylie

Men of a certain age

Greg Berzinsky for Beardbrand here to talk to us about men of a certain age. We are talking about starting a beard later on in life with gray hair. Greg only started growing 2 and a half years ago and was surprised to see how gray his beard actually was. His reluctance to grow was because of assumed areas of patchiness. As he got older his beard got thicker and courser and so in his 50's he decided to grow it out. He tried growing it out for 30 days but it would be patchy so it would be shaved off. The following year he would try again but the same thing would happen. It was when he read somewhere that you have to give it more than 30 days so Greg tried 60 days. Then he noticed that the patchy areas has started to fill in. At the end of 3 months the beard had finally filled in. Greg's advice is to stay the course and give your beard 90 days to realize the full potential.

Greg went gray beginning in his late 40's. He considered dying it because of comments that he received but is glad that society is changing to be more accepting of a natural gray hair and beard.

Youth Obsessed

We live in a youth based society. In a recent study men ages 18- 75 were asked to identify an age when a women was most attractive and across the board it was close to 21 years of age. When asked the same question women responded with an age that was just two years older than they were.

I'm sure you can agree that Greg is far from depicting an image of grandpa, but a polished and debonaire man. He is refined and professional and works for his appearance by staying fit and healthy, trimming his hair and beard regularly and using products that support this appearance. 

Greg, you look good, sir. 


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  • Thanks James!

    Emily on

  • Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for following!

    Emily on

  • Great video. Thanks for reinforcing my journey…

    jeffery hawkins on

  • Great Video smashing to see someone with grey hair talking with authority bout how to achieve a great look, I’m just starting out and at the age of 71 needed this to keep me going at growing a beard. Cheers again Dave

    David J Hayes on

  • Love having Greg in the line up! Us older ones who start the beard process in our 60’s need the perspective of one closer to our age. Not that I don’t enjoy and appreciate Eric and the others, this brings another view !

    JIm STeel on

  • Very good enjoyed the gray hair and beard, have been growing my beard out for about 90-120 days and yes it is just as gray as Greg’s keep us informed all of your video’s are super.

    James Miller on

  • Thank you Greg!

    Nice to hear from the refined like wine age group. I am soon to be 51 and I am just starting to get some grey in my beard. I was keeping my beard shorter due to some greying, but now have let it grow out for the last 3 months and really like how it looks. Would love to see more videos from the debonaire beardsmen crowd, including yourself.

    Patrick Wood on

  • How do you keep the non-beard facial elements so flawless. I’m guess some cosmetic processes. Would love to learn your secret….since I am SEVENTY. I need all the help I can get.

    Gary Dorothy on

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