The Perfect Haircut to Show Off Your Tattoos

—Josh Lawson

Sam is here to see to Scott for a cut. He usually sees Craig, but Scott is filling in today and he's gonna do a great job. Today Scott is focusing on Sam's back and sides then fading it to the skin. With hair cuts like this, you need to keep some of the weight on the sides, otherwise, the entire cut will flop and lay flat. He sections it out so that he can focus on each area individually. The sides are the first to go, as Scott begins to remove some of the weight before deciding which area he's gonna skin fade. He goes in top to bottom to clear out the area and create a line that will end up becoming the fade point later. He's using a .5 so he can control where the line goes and how far Sam wants it to go, and really so off the tattoos on his head while also creating a disconnect. He stops trimming at the spine, then begins the process again on the other side to maintain control and error correct if he needs to.

Now that the 0 line is in, he is going in on the beard and trimming the near the ear so there won't be an awkward line in the fade. Then Scott takes the foils and shaves the area below the line he made and brushes away everything. Next come the open clippers, gradually & slightly moving the hairline up and preparing it for the skin fade. He comes back in from top to bottom to meet the 0 line because he knows it doesn't get any higher than that, so there is less room for mistakes. As he moves to the back, you can see where the fade starts to transition. Lastly, with the hair, he takes a little bit of weight out of the sides using a comb and clippers, then again with a comb and scissors to give Sam the look he asked for.

Next is the beard. Scott brings up the neckline and cleans off the edges to give it clean lines, and a polished look. Then he freehands the bottom of the beard to trim away the split ends and fly away hairs. Lastly, he finishes it off by trimming out a very small amount of weight using a comb and scissors. The experience ends with a straight razor on the cheek line and from the back of the ear down and a foil around the neck.


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