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The Perfect Pompadour with a Skin Fade

Greg is at the Men's Club Barbershop again, and he's gonna get his hair cut by Justin Polisi. He saw a photo on Justin's Instagram feed of what looked like a bald fade, where the hair was falling around the ear, and it was a side part pompadour. Greg wants something like that, but really tight.

Justin starts by putting in his bald line, or a baseline, around the shape of the head. This allows him to have a point of reference as he continues the cut. Then he uses the foils to clean up everything underneath it that the clippers may have missed. After that, he moves to a 1.5 guard and a comb to remove some of the bulk so the fade will be easier. He takes the comb away and begins working through the different guards to create the fade. After the fade it done, he uses a clipper over comb to make sure the hair on top blends with the sides.

For the top, he first makes sure the hair is damp. Then he runs through it, using his fingers, and just trims the ends. After a short blow dry, the scissors come out. Jason uses them and a comb to soften up the look around the edges. He uses a brush and dries the rest of Greg's hair up and back to give him the pompadour he was looking for. A final run through with scissors over comb, some Styling Balm and he's good to go!





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