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The Perfect Products for Mustache Curls Plus a Secret Ingredient

Bring on the curls! Greg Berzinsky is gonna show us how to sport a great curl on your mustache. Personally, he likes to go with a variation of a handlebar style, but he wants to switch it up sometimes. You probably won't style it like this on a daily basis, but it's always nice to know how. You can either use a mustache wax to get a loose curl. If you want for a theatrical curl like you see in the competition, you're gonna need a few more products.

Before using a sea salt spray you can put in some diluted hairspray or diluted gel. What Greg does personally is spray it into a comb and applying it that way. Then he uses a blow dryer to start shaping his mustache in the direction he needs it to go in. You want to be careful when you put product in your hair, as it can make your hair stiff. TO combat this, pull on your hair or beard while you are drying it.

The secret method he's used is actually Elmer's Glue. It's not something to use every day. The product itself is non-toxic, but it still has chemicals in it that can damage your hair if you use it too much. When applying you gotta be careful not to pull too hard on your mustache as you don't want to rip it out. So, you want to liberally apply it and use a comb to work it through. Shape it while it is still malleable, then use a hair dryer to set the curl while you hold it in place.

To get the curls even and symmetrical, you can use the plastic part of the glue stick to wrap your mustache around, then dry it. Then you're done. You've now got your dramatic mustache curls. Sea Salt Spray, Styling Balm, and then Elmer's glue are basic products you'll need. And a blow dryer with a round brush are the only tools you'll need.





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