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The Perfect Way to Get the Most Out of a Single Haircut

Today we have Carlos Costa showing us two different ways to style your hair with the same haircut using styling balm. We'll walk you through each haircut step by step and explain why Carlos chose that style. Mainly, it depends on his mood. He likes his hair to be versatile, and have the option to choose between two or three hair styles, but two is a great number to stick with for simplicity's sake. The cut is a low fade with a messy pompadour hairstyle. The lower fade allows the sides to grow out slightly to give room for more style possibilities. Carlos dresses with the mood and likes to do the same with his hair. From a mess pomp to more of a classic cut, he's ready for anything. Tips for when you go to the barber and want a similar cut: go low with a fade (if you want a fade) and keep the corners where your hair parts slightly longer.

The first hairstyle, Carlos is going for something a little edgy. You'll only need three things: your hands, a hair dryer with no nozzle, and styling balm. You'll want to want to have your hair wet, similar to when you get out of the shower. Then dry it off slightly with a towel. If your hair is a little shorter you can use sea salt spray when you're drying it to give it some extra volume. Dry toward the position in the direction you want your hair. In most cases, this will be forward. Then you'll want to dry is in an upward position to give it some texture. Then you take a fair bit of styling balm, but a little goes a long. Rub it together in your hands to coat them fully. If you think you used too much, start with one hand and spread it through your hair, going down to the roots. Coat your hair from side to side to give it a messy look, swoop up and over in the front, then use the excess to deal with the corners (and you can treat those however you like). You can always play with it to see what works best for you.

The second look is more of a classic style. You'll want to start with wet hair again. The same tools are present as well, but the hair dryer now has a nozzle on it, and add a comb. Begin by combing your hair forward, then backward. This will create the part almost right away. You can also use sea salt spray to hold this part in place while you focus on the rest of your hair. Comb it forward and back once again. You'll want to create almost a slicked back look at first, then slowly edge it along in the direction you want it to go. Once it's there, use your comb to clean up your side part and lay flat any fly away hairs. The next part can be a bit tricky, holding the hair dryer at your side part to blow the hairs to either side. You can hold down your hair on top and focus on the sides, then switch to make it a little easier. Finish it up blowing your hair up and over slightly, and add styling balm to hold it there. You won't need as much for this one since you used sea salt spray in the beginning. The end result is more of a natural look.





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