The Perfect Way to Style Your Beard at Home

—Josh Lawson

Carlos Costa is here today to show you how to style your beard at home. He's gonna walk and talk you through it. A lot of the time he gets questions from people asking how people can grow a beard like him, but it's mostly strong genes. The men in his family have really thick beards. He does have some patches here and there, but that's why he grows his beard long on the sides, so they sit over the patches. On to the styling.

After washing and cleaning your beard, you'll want to grab a beard comb and comb it all down. Usually, the mustache is the tricky part, as he bites into it sometimes, so he combs it to the side. Next, you'll need a hair dryer without the nozzle. Before you do that, you'll need to apply some beard oil. He is using Spiced Citrus and usually does 5 or 6 drops, getting it all throughout his beard. Carlos combs through his beard again and gets rid of the few curls around the bottom. He uses medium head and full speed, starting with the mustache, drying it to the position you want it to go.

Now after the 'stache is dry, move on to the rest of the beard. He uses his hands to keep his beard in shape as he dries it. If you have a longer beard, it'll take longer to dry. Sometimes you can even dry upward to get those hard to reach areas. You can usually hold the dryer about 6 inches away from your beard.

Once it is dry, great! You have it in the shape you want, but how do you keep it that way throughout the day? You can use Styling Balm to maintain it! You don't need much, a little can go a long way, but make sure you rub it in properly. You really only need it to cover the top layer of the hair to keep the wispy hairs down.

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