The Popularity Behind Going Grey | Greg Berzinsky

Josh Lawson

Greg is back to talk about what it's like to get grey hair. He gets a lot of comments across social about his grey hair. He asked the question a few videos back about dying his hair, and the overwhelming response was "Please, don't!" He gets so many comments from people saying they just can't wait for their hair to go grey. This generally comes from younger guys in their 20s, where grey hair won't show up for another 15 years or so.

What is the fascination with grey hair? Greg has grey in his hair and beard and they only reason he would dye it, would be to play up the grey more or try out a different style. None of this would be permanent though. At 56, he believes he's earned it. Grey has become pretty popular due to trends, mainly. Women seem to like men who are older or have grey hair. It also seems there has been a trend to dye your hair grey. Younger women who responded said they just want to look different, that's why they want grey hair. None of them are doing it to look more mature, or anything like that. So Greg wondered why guys did it.

Some men have done the same thing, but they are kind of the outliers. Most guys don't really play with their hair color to the point of bleaching it. You see men with grey hair and you do think they have a sense of wisdom, plus it looks good. The contrast works well when you have a combination of silver and your natural hair color. The process doesn't happen overnight though. You see a few at a time, they blend in, then more and more pop up and they stop blending. The first few are annoying, and you might color your hair at the sign of a grey hair or two.

Dying your hair or beard as a way to stop grey hair might be good at first, and a way to get them to stop bothering you. When you stop doing it, you might have a lot more than when you started and they won't bother you as much since they will appear a little more cohesive and dramatic. Bleaching is a great option for when you are already considering going shorter, and want to see what the outcome would be. It does have more upkeep than just dying it, but we recommend going to a professional to dye your hair rather than trying it at home.

We still haven't really answered the question of why we want grey hair. This trend has made older people who already have grey hair, to feel more comfortable with it, and be confident with it. Society has woken up to the fact that grey is ok. The reality of having grey hair, is that by the time it looks pretty cool in color, it starts falling out and you start looking a bit older. We have to start being content with the phase we're at in our own life. Some things you just leave to time, good things come to those who wait.

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  • Hey Greg,

    Thanks for the great video dealing with the “Grey Effect”. I too have been experiencing this phenomenon now for almost 10 years. I do personally think the Grey is something to be proud of and downright sported! Under the motto “Show it if you got it”.

    One thing I am dealing with, however, is the exceeding comments of my wife who tends to think that I am too grey.

    I would like to get your take or any advice you might offer, in regard to partially coloring the beard and hair. I am now at a crossroads if you will. I have worn a goatee now since I can’t remember. I have now just begun to grow the rest. Therefore I am currently at that “Scraggly” stage where grey beard hairs tend to want to defy gravity! This phenomenon combined with the “Grey Effect” “makes me look too old” as my wife would comment.

    So, give us some advice, tips, tricks to tone down the beast and get that flourishing marble look.

    I look forward to your insight.

    Thanks, Beardbrand, you’re a big help along my bearded way.

    Best regards

    Wettenberg, Germany

    Tom on

  • Beyond the fascination folks have with beards in general, I get additional comments as mine is comprised of browns and reds. I’ve been watching greys appear over the last five years. I cut an inch and a half off my beard last week and discovered a dense patch of grey on the right side of my chin. The patch was hidden or perhaps just more well-blended when my beard was longer. The grey bothers me less with each year I put behind me. It intrigues me to think of how it’ll continue changing. My wife likes the gray.

    Kyle on

  • I am 57 years old, I started turning grey in my 30’s. I now get complements a lot, especially from younger people both men and women. When I was younger I heard…you should think about coloring your hair the grey makes you look older. My beard is more grey than my hair but I have never colored either one. I have always liked the grey even if others didn’t, now it seems to be the trend.

    Marty C. on

  • I’ll be 50 in about 2 months and my beard is about 70% grey and I wish it would go on and turn completely grey. I have blond hair and it looks dirty grey and I hate the blond/light brown. GODBLESS

    Denny on

  • I am one of the ones that would color my beard and hair to cover the grey. I started to get grey in my mid 20’s and thought “I was to young for this.” I’ll be 44 soon and only just let it come in all natural grey within the last year. My beard is white with strays of black hairs. And mixture of salt and pepper in my head hair. I am very pleased on the color of my beard now and don’t miss the maintenance every month from having to color.

    Randy Bowland on

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