The Real Reasons You Need to Be Using a Boars Bristle Brush

—Josh Lawson

Today Eric is talking about three different reasons you should be using a boars hair brush for your beard. Boars bristle brushes are quite the incredible product, it can be a bit of a tongue twister, but it'll be worth saying based on everything it can do. Your beard creates natural oils that coat your hairs called Sebum. When you shower and wash your beard, you strip away a lot of those oils. By using a natural brush instead of a synthetic (plastic) one it's gonna help redistribute the oils back onto your beard.

Everyone knows that a brush can help you tame your beard, but it can also help exfoliate your beard. When you grow out your beard you make get beard flakes, dead skin, or just general debris in your beard. A boars bristle brush will help you get down to the root of your beard and exfoliate them, as well as brush out all that bad stuff.

Lastly, it brings blood flow and circulation back to your face. This will help you reach a healthier beard. This is different than people claiming that touching, scratching, or rubbing your face will turn a patchy beard into a monster beard. This is backed by science. It stimulates your hair follicles and brings blood flow back to the face. You may not turn into Carlos Costa, but you'll be able to grow the best beard that you are able to grow. Between a boars bristle brush and a nylon (plastic) brush. The natural bristles work better with the natural hairs you have in your beard. A nylon brush is more likely to cause static, irritation, and damage to your beard hair. A boars bristle brush will also be more gentle. Don't over brush though because that will eventually lead to damage. It's all about finding that balance.

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