The Three Minute Beard Grooming Routine

—Urban Beardsman

Unless you’re one of those special people that hops out of bed before work with a skip in your step and a song in your heart, morning probably not your favorite time of day. You’re half asleep, trying to organize your day in your head, and debating whether you could spend a whole day simply hanging out in the shower without wanting to leave (more likely than not, the answer is a resounding “yes”). We’re all pressed for time in the morning and when you’re rushing around trying to cram in breakfast between putting on your shirt and flipping through Twitter and/or Instagram, things are bound to fall by the wayside. The first victim of this? Your facial hair.

Many guys simply let their beards act as they will without giving it a second thought. However, if you’re willing to spend a minute or two combing or styling your hair, why wouldn’t you apply the same principle to the beard? We aren’t suggesting you wake up an hour earlier to finely prune each hair in your beard, but a little bit of attention goes a long way. So here’s how to ensure your beard is always looking its best in as a little as three minutes a day.

Dry Your Beard Thoroughly

We’re going to assume you’re a morning showerer as most men tend to be. Once you’ve finished getting all fresh’n’clean, make sure to dry your beard thoroughly, nothing good comes from excess water being left behind in your facial hair. The hair on your face is pretty tough so feel free to really get in there to make sure it’s good and dry, you’ll be able to add some moisture back into the occasion in just a few moments.

Shave Off Any Rogue Hairs

If you’re a man who simply lets his beard grow in as it does naturally, you can skip this step. However, if you maintain a neck line and keep your upper cheeks trimmed, this step is important. Do a quick look around the edges of your beard to spot any rogue hairs that might be popping up and give any long patches a quick trim. Additionally, take a look at where your mustache stands. If you’re noticing it starting to curl into your mouth and infringe on your enjoyment experienced while eating then it’s time to pull out your trimming scissors and carefully make some alterations. If you’ve just trimmed down any of these areas in the past day or two, you should be fine. However, doing this maybe twice a week is a good rule to follow.

Comb Through Your Beard

Out of all the grooming habits we suggest you adopt once you’ve decided to grow a beard, combing seems to be the one most guys simply ignore. Can you substitute your fingers for a fine beard comb in some circumstances? Sure, but they certainly won’t deliver the same results. Combs help fan out your individual facial hairs, making your beard look fuller and healthier. Additionally, combs help more evenly distribute your beard in case your facial hair, like that of most guys’, doesn’t exactly grow evenly. Make sure to drag your comb through your mustache as well to ensure that it’s fanned out to perfection.

Apply Beard Oil

You applied some beard softener in the shower right? Of course you did, you’re no cretin. This is a great first step in ensuring your beard will be looking and feeling its best throughout the day, but step two is making sure to apply some beard oil once you’ve combed through your beard. Although you don’t want to overdo it with the products, beard oil will keep your facial skin moist and your beard feeling soft to the touch as the morning stretches into the afternoon and so on. Just remember that a little goes a long way and the more evenly you can distribute the oil, the better.

Admire The Results

At this point, you should have anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds left of your three minutes and this is when we suggest pausing and admiring your work. Especially for those of you who are knew to the beardsman world, sometimes it’s nice to simply look at your beard and notice how it has changed your overall appearance. Try to imagine how you looked when you woke up compared to how you do now, post-shower and beard grooming. You’re ready for the day ahead and whatever it throws at you. Enjoy your coffee, kick some ass during this afternoon’s presentation, and take advantage of the opportunity to stroke your beard whilst deep in thought once or twice over the course of the work day. Why? Because you’ve earned it.

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