The urban beardsman is becoming mainstream

—Eric Bandholz
The urban beardsman is becoming mainstream

Mainstream media is finally starting to notice the trend for the Urban Beardsman. In the article Being Modern: Beards, beardless author Simmy Richman points out the trends in the market. We’ve been noticing them as well and are glad men can finally be proud of being men. Although his article is a little tongue in cheek it’s worth the read.

With London Fashion Week in full swing, what better time to celebrate the stylish diversity and fierce individuality of the beautiful people. Stylishly diverse and fiercely individual unless, of course, we are talking about the men. Because something strange has happened to male A-listers and front-rowers that appears to have made them all, simultaneously, sprout facial hair as if this were Afghanistan in the late 1990's.

Are they serving testosterone canapés at those exclusive cocktail parties? Has some global catastrophe affected supplies of essential male-grooming products? Is it all some Joaquin Phoenix-type stunt that will only be revealed after the release of a film, perhaps to be called I’m Still Beard?

So while the folks over in London are starting to notice, it won’t be too long that the people in Kansas will catch on. Growing a beard takes time, so if you want to be on the forefront of this movement be sure to start growing now.

I would say right now Portland, OR is the mecca for the urban beards-men. They have been able to successfully integrate fashion and the big beard. Although my travels have been limited to mostly America (and the northwest). Does anyone else see trends out there for more urban beards-men, or is it still the mountain man / burly man look?


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