The Utility Balm: Late, But What An Entrance

—Eric Bandholz
The Utility Balm: Late, But What An Entrance

If you are going to be late to the party, you might as well make a grand entrance. And, boy, did we ever make a big mark in the balm game.

Since we've launched Beardbrand, our customers have been asking us to develop and launch a beard balm. Personally, I've always been partial to beard oils, so we focused on those. In addition to that, I saw other opportunities in the marketplace that weren't being acted on (see more on the development of our awesome beard softener, sea salt spray and white line products).

Since we're a little late to the beard balm game, we needed to make a statement product. After an immersion in the market I saw some untapped opportunities in the space - the beard balms on the market left a lot to be desired. They tended to have odd textures; they were sticky, heavy, and hard to work with.

We wanted to develop a product that was a lightweight and creamy texture, easy to apply, and falls in line with our product ethos. Where all others seemed to just focus on the beard, we thought beyond the beard. Boom, enter the Utility Balm!

Our goal for this product is offer an item that can simplify our customer's lives. The Utility Balm is designed for the man who doesn't want a shelf full of products and expects top performance from the products he does buy.

Our Utility Balm is that product.

It has been formulated from the ground up to work as a beard balm, as a tattoo balm, as a hair balm, and as a body balm. Pretty much anywhere you have skin and hair, you can apply this product. In fact it's so versatile, you'll probably want to keep it from your significant other. They might just end up adding it to their own medicine cabinet.

The defining feature with our product ethos is to build products that work to bring the body back to its natural chemistry. The focus is on long term health rather than quick fixes. Activities like washing, working outdoors in the sun and dirt, exposure to summer heat and winter cold will all take your body's skin to its limits. The Utility Balm will keep your skin and beard moisturized, healthy, and looking it's best.

This is the third product that we've launched that is "beyond the beard;" the first was our solid cologne and that was followed by the sea salt spray. We will continue to launch new products that help men in all aspects of their grooming routine, not just beard care.

To change the way society views beardsmen, we need to give them all the tools possible. We will be the resource for educational videos, style guidance, community building and of course grooming tools.

It's not an easy pathway and one that many people have doubted along our journey. As the world begins to take note of our commitment to high quality products, they'll see that beards & beardsmen are no joke.

Give our Utility Balm a shot. If you aren't 100% satisfied, let us know and we'll do everything possible to get the right product in your hands. You can check out our video at the bottom of this article to hear more about this badass product. Thanks for everything and beard on!

Eric Bandholz


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