There Are a Ton of Different Ways to Give a Fade

—Josh Lawson

James came to see Charlie at Gentleman & Rogues Club. He want to take care of the back and sides. He wants to have a full messy fringe, and a bit of a wedge on the sides near the top. It'll be a high skin fade. Charlie starts by sectioning off the top, and uses the detailers to put in a 0 line all the way around and dipping down around the occipital bone like usual. But since James wants the wedge, Charlie is putting in the 0 line a little lower than he normally does. The 1 guard won't make an appearance this time, so he'll just work his way through with scissors when they get there.

After making the line, he uses the detailers to take out all the hair below it as well. There are a ton of different ways to do a skin fade, but they all lead to the same result. The only way he hasn't tried yet is the one guard method that Mahesh uses. You can work your way up through the guards, or work your way down. It just depends what way you're most comfortable with.

Once that part of the haircut is done, Charlie breaks out the foils. Going in tight at the bottom of the neck and relieving the tension as he moves up. Since his hair is so thick, the foils actually managed to create a line. To get rid of it, he uses the bottom side of the foils and flick at it. Next he moves on to an open guard with some clippers and flick at the line between the wedge of hair and the skin. Then Charlie opens it halfway and flicks at the next line up.

After all the fading, there is still a ton of weight at the top, which is exactly what James wanted. He finishes the cut off by using the scissors over a comb to make it a little lighter. Then give it some point cutting for some texture. Charlie gives him a quick blow dry and sends him on his way.

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