There is No Peak Beard

Let’s get one thing straight right now: there is no such thing as peak beard. Yes, you’ve seen news stories and internet memes and all the annual chatter regarding beards’ “time in the trendy spotlight.” Do yourself a favor and simply ignore it. Beards are being compared by some to mullets, but that’s just silly talk because, unlike many guys’ interest in displaying to all that they’re business in the front and party in the back, beards are ingrained in our DNA. There’s no peak beard, it’s simply part of who we are.

According to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, a lot of this stems from shaving related companies who are, simply put, getting hammered by the modern man’s proclivity to not stay completely shaven. Obviously there will be trends and movements when beards are more or less favorable, however, more so than ever guys finally have the tools to take care of their beards effectively.

Every guy has their own reason for growing a beard, whether it stems from studying for finals or putting down the razor for charity or a major life change, but saying that they’re doing it for fashion purposes is simply crazy. Additionally, the professional world is changing and maintaining a more unique appearance is now more commonplace than ever before. The world has changed and no longer do young professional men aim to become company cogs, fitting into the required form for major corporations. Instead, companies are starting to care less about appearance and what was once considered “professionalism” and instead they simply want people who can execute and they don’t care how you look as long as you succeed.

It’s a great time to be a beardsman, enjoy it and spread the word. For more questions regarding the current state of beards, tweet us at @bandholz.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder