Things You Didn’t Know About Your Beard

—Urban Beardsman

When we as beardsmen begin our bearded journey, there are some things we just have to learn along the way. How to trim, what products to use to keep it looking good, even how to pick the best beard style for your face. Today, PPCorn is here with a two-part series to let you in on 15 things you never knew about your beard. Let’s get right into it.


Shaving is referred to as “pogonotomy” and growing a beard is called “pogonotrophy.” And I think glitter beards are referred to as “ridiculous.”

The Plot on Castro’s Beard

At the height of tension between the US and Cuba during the 1960’s, the CIA thought up a unique idea to destroy Castro’s image – grab his shoes while he was having them polished and fill them with a depilatory.

The Metal Beards

In ancient Egypt, it was actually commonplace for people to dress up for important events by rocking fake metallic beards. Next time you want to complain about wearing a beard net, just remember it could be worse.

Female Facial Hair

Legend has it that the patron saint of unhappily married women, Wilgefortis, owed her sad fate to the growing of a beard. When she was forced to marry the king of Sicily, she prayed for help to prevent the wedding from happening. The answer from above? She started to grow a beard. The wedding was nixed, and her father was so upset that he crucified her. When I grew a beard my parents just told me it looked nice.

Slang Terms

I can honestly say I never knew that a “crimea” is what you call a little beard (although I don’t know if they mean a short beard or more like a chinstrap) and a “doorknocker” is a beard that runs just below the jawline.

A Manly Beheading

In 1535, Sir Thomas More was beheaded in front of a crowd, but before the action was carried out, he quite calmly moved his beard out of the way of the guillotine and claimed that it had “never committed any treason.” Now that’s commitment to your beard.

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