Three Tips For Spring

Today we’re talking about how to tackle spring! Winter is gone, and warmer weather is upon us, and it all starts with spring cleaning. Get rid of all the junk you’ve been accumulating through the winter months – clothes you haven’t worn can be donated to Goodwill, and you’ll end up with a clean and clutter-free space going into spring.

Second, adjust your wardrobe accordingly. The muted colors you’ve worn throughout the winter just won’t work anymore, so break out the bright vibrant colors you see around you in nature as everything blossoms and blooms.

Lastly, book a trip! One of the most rewarding things you can do is travel – whether it’s seeing family or visiting a historical sight in a country you’ve never been to before, pushing your comfort levels and experiencing places and cultures you’ve never been part of before is an adventure best done in spring, the season of rebirth and fresh starts. If you can beat the Spring Break chaos and the heat of the summer months, an early spring trip is an ideal way to rejuvenate the soul.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder