Tips For Having a Beard At Work

—Urban Beardsman

We’re in the middle of a beard evolution. For years men were all but forced to stay completely shaven in most lines of work, but as more and more people start to embrace the harrier lifestyle, it’s becoming easier to find a job where having a beard isn’t seen as a bad thing, rather it’s just seen as part of what makes you you.

Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz is someone with a great deal of experience in this area. Prior to founding Beardbrand, Eric worked in finance and kept a much more daily-shaven look in order to fit into the culture around him, however, that can only last so long. In the above video, Eric talks about the differences between having a beard in a customer-facing role vs. a non-customer-facing role and how important it is to let your individualism shine through, regardless of the work environment around you.

Non-customer-facing jobs, such as those in IT/development, construction, or really any profession where you’re focused on getting sh*t done and making society better, will undoubtedly be more supportive of your beard and as long as you present it confidently, feel free to let your man mane flow.

Conversely, having a beard while working a customer-facing job presents a few more requirements for ensuring that you come off looking confident and respectable. If you’re going to rep a beard in this scenario, you must have style, and that means buying well-fitting clothes, getting a proper haircut, and taking good care of your beard. Show people that a beard isn’t about being lazy or sloppy, show them that it’s part of who you are and once they’ve seen that, your confidence will undoubtedly shine through.

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