Top 10 Ways to Use Utility Balm

Over the last several years men’s grooming products have grown in popularity. Beardbrand played a huge part in bringing the need for men’s grooming products and grooming education to light, and started a wave in the industry that spiked the demand for beard oils and beard balms around the world. While our beard oil started it all, our utility balm elevated us to another level of the men’s grooming game.

Utility balm is an awesome beard conditioner that's taken off in our community. However, many of our customers and fans don't realize how versatile it is. It’s made of some seriously effective ingredients that make it an awesome product with tons of different use cases.

To help give you some perspective, we’ve put together this short list of our top ten favorite ways you can use utility balm in your everyday life. Because of its natural ingredients, sometimes the texture varies from temperature changes in shipping. That's totally normal! All you have to do is rub it between your hands until it's smooth and apply as usual. 

Daily Beard Care

This one’s probably obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. You can use utility balm as a daily beard conditioner similar to beard oil. The difference is in how deep the conditioning properties go. The ingredients in utility balm help it sit on top of your beard hair and skin a bit longer as it moisturizes, making it a longer-lasting conditioner than beard oil. If you have a dense beard or dry skin underneath your facial hair, utility balm may be even better for your look than beard oil. Read this article on the differences between oil and balm, and how to pick which is best for you.

Instructions: Warm it between your hands and apply to your beard evenly. This product is most effective as a daily conditioner when used on a damp beard and evenly distributed with a boar's hair brush.

Conditioning Beard Mask

Some of us are just more prone to dry beards than others. If you work in the food and beverage industry you likely have to wash your facial hair every day to keep it hygenic. If you work outdoors or in a manual labor job, you’re probably also washing sweat and grime out of your beard daily, too. You could also live in a frigid dry environment that’s known to damage hair and skin easily. Whatever the case, you can use utility balm as a reparative “beard mask” overnight. This helps repair broken, dry facial hair (and the skin underneath) in a more aggressive way.

Instructions: Scoop a generous amount into your hands and apply thoroughly through your beard, then brush it out to make sure it’s evenly distributed. If it feels like there’s way too much balm in there, then you’ve got the right amount for a beard mask. Wear overnight, then rinse or wash it out in the shower the next day.

Conditioning Hair Mask

The hair on your head and your scalp need extra love, too! If you’re prone to a mega-dry beard and face, then you might be prone to dry hair and a dry scalp, too. Utility balm works as a hair mask just like it does as a beard mask (above).

Instructions: Apply a generous amount to your scalp and hair and brush it for even distribution. Wear overnight, then rinse or wash it out in the shower the next day.

Dry Skin Care

Utility balm’s deep conditioning properties are excellent for treating dry, cracked skin that gets exposed to the elements. If you live in a dry climate or in an area that gets freezing winters, using this balm daily on your hands, knuckles, and elbows will help prevent them from drying and cracking from harsher environments. If you use your hands a lot when you work (be you a construction contractor or a line chef), applying this product before you go to bed each night will help your skin stay soft while you excel in the workplace.

Instructions: Warm between your hands, then apply to hands, knuckles, elbows, and other dry skin problem areas you experience. 

Foot Balm


Yes, you read that right! If you’ve got cracked feet or calluses that cause you grief, utility balm is an excellent solution. 

Apply and massage a generous amount to your feet (especially heels and calluses) at night to help soften that skin tissue. If you’re looking to speed up the process, exfoliate your feet regularly while using this as a conditioning product.

Tattoo Moisturizer

If you want to make your tattoos pop, utility balm is just as effective as any other moisturizing lotion you’d typically use for daily care. It’s common (tattoo world) knowledge that healthier skin holds onto ink longer over time, which is why moisturizing your tattoos regularly is so important. If you don’t take care of them, they’ll fade more quickly and become a dull shadow of their formerly vibrant selves.

Instructions: Warm it in your hands, then apply it evenly to your tattoos.

***A Note About Healing Fresh Tattoos*** When it comes to healing tattoos, follow your artist’s instructions word for word! They’re industry experts in both art and skin health, so for the first couple weeks after your tattoo, follow their guidelines. Utility balm is not recommended for healing new tattoos, but it makes for excellent care once the healing process is complete.

Stretch Marks

Both men and women can experience some shame surrounding their stretch marks. The truth of the matter is that stretch marks are totally normal and are also a natural part of growing up and growing older. That's nothing to be ashamed of!

That being said, we know that stretch marks and scar tissue can be embarrassing and sometimes even painful. The components of utility balm that allow it to condition deeply also make it more effective in assisting with scar tissue. Using a deep conditioner like utility balm on your stretch marks and scar tissue daily can help them diminish more over time, and assist with the soreness of the skin by softening and moisturizing it.

Instructions: Use your fingers to gently massage the balm into your stretch marks regularly to help alleviate soreness or tautness.

Scalp Care


For those of us who buzz or shave our heads, utility balm makes for an excellent after shave conditioner to soften and heal that freshly shorn skin. Using unguarded clippers or trimmers on your scalp is a common practice, but we all know that it also kicks up some dandruff and dead skin that needed to be exfoliated anyway. Using utility balm afterwards seriously helps with the appearance of a freshly buzzed head and prevents it from flaking through the rest of the day. This blogger (that’s me) uses utility balm on his scalp every day.

Instructions: After a shower, just warm it in your hands and apply a light layer all over the scalp. 

Hair Styling

If you love a glossy finish on your hair but don’t want to give it much of a hold, utility balm is perfect for adding shine while allowing your hair its natural texture. Its deep conditioning properties will keep your hair and scalp nourished and healthy while giving it a nice shine. If you rock a side part or a quiff and don’t have time to style it every day, using utility balm can pull your look together just enough for a more finished appearance as you walk out the door.

Instructions: Rub a finger full of balm between your hands, then run them through your hair a few times. Brush or comb accordingly.

Shaving Lubricant


The viscosity of utility balm makes it an excellent alternative shaving lubricant made from natural ingredients - that way you’re not shaving with irritating synthetics or silicone- containing products that can clog your pores (and cause ingrown hairs).

Instructions: Warm a generous amount in your hands and apply to warm, wet skin to use as a shaving lubricant. Remember - ingrown hairs can be prevented with better shaving practices! Read this article on how to prevent them with the right products and practices.

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Eric Bandholz, Founder