Top 3 Uses for Utility Balm - Weekly Update

—Wil Mouradian

Jack’s back for the 19th edition of his Yeard Update, and this time he’s teaching us his favorite alternative uses of Utility Balm. Jack’s stoked because Utility Balm has actually dethroned beard oil when it comes to his favorite Beardbrand products. When used for your beard, it acts as a deep conditioner that hydrates your beard longer than a typical beard oil, and gives it just a bit of structure and hold that beard oil also lacks. Utility Balm is especially great for daily use on a coarse beard like Jack’s, but there are some other ways you can use Utility Balm that you wouldn’t normally expect from a “beard” product. Here are Jack’s top 3:

Beard Mask

A lot of people do this with their hair and their skin - you saturate the affected area with a conditioning product and let it sit for 2+ hours. If your beard is brittle and needs a bit of a reboot, this is a far better option than shaving it off or trimming it down. Just apply  a generous amount of Utility Balm (more than you would for daily use, but not so much that it becomes messy) and leave it in overnight. Rinse it out in the shower the next morning, and your beard will feel the softest it’s ever felt.

Dry Skin Care

Jack’s hands and elbows get chapped on the regular, and Utility Balm is his go-to instead of a commercial lotion. He rubs a small amount into his knuckles and elbows several days a week. Once he started committing to this practice, his dry skin was always in check. If you’re in a super cold environment and your skin is prone to cracking, applying this twice a day will change your world.

Shaving Lubricant

Jack loves using Utility Balm to shave his cheek lines. It’s viscous enough to make for a smooth shave that also nourishes and conditions your skin. It only takes a few seconds, and doesn’t require a full wet application in order to be effective. When you’re fresh out of the shower, just apply some of the balm to your warm skin and shave like you would with a gel.

Want to know more alternative ways to use Utility Balm in your everyday life? Check out this full write-up here.  

Comment of the Week

By "inhabitantofoddworld"

Can there be too much washing and products? I think my beard looks better when it isn’t groomed too often.

Over-grooming is a real thing! A lot of guys who have never groomed before go extra and over-apply beard oil, utility balm, and styling balm. This can negatively affect the appearance of your beard by giving it a greasy texture or creating visible product buildup. Over-application of these products also result in having to wash your beard more, which will dry out your skin and hair. You should only wash your beard a couple to several times a week.

“Start small” when applying your go-to product, slowly adding more to your beard until you get a soft, non greasy finish. If you’re using Utility Balm or Styling Balm, most guys only need a finger's worth of product to get the desired effect. If you’re using beard oil, most beards only need 3-4 drops (4-8 if you’ve got a big one).


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