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Top 5 Cities To Visit

We’re coming at you with a brand new video from Urban Beardsman, and in this week’s episode, Eric is talking about his top five favorite cities to visit around the world.

First up – Seattle, Washington. Check out the Pike Place Market, and enjoy the view of Mount Rainier and the pier.

Next is London. You’re bound to have a good time no matter what you do there, just don’t make the mistake of renting a car. Watch the video to hear Eric explain why!

Third on the list is Melbourne, Australia. Eric recommends checking out Koko Black, a high-end chocolate business run by a family of chocolatiers.

Next up – Kamakura, Japan. Known for its temples throughout the city, Eric recommends enjoying the environment and soaking in the spiritual atmosphere.

And finally is Valparaiso, Chile. A port town about an hour outside of Santiago, it’s a very hilly city and Eric suggests walking the streets and enjoying the street art and the restaurants.

But for all the places he’s been, Eric still has a few places left he wants to see. First is Amsterdam – a trip he’s set to take this spring.

Second is Peru, because how can you beat Peruvian cuisine and Machu Picchu?

Then South Africa, to explore Cape Town and take in a safari.

Also on the list is Dubai, which Eric describes as a more sober version of Vegas.

And lastly is Antarctica – with that, Eric can check every continent off his list.

Check out the video to hear more about these wonderful cities, and maybe even find a little inspiration to do some traveling of your own!





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