Top 5 Tips to Grow a Beard

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Eric is here with the top five tips for growing your beard. Let’s get started:

1) Put down the razor. It’s basic, it’s simple, but it’s the best thing you can do, gentlemen. It ain’t going to grow if you’re shaving it! If you want a beard, don’t worry about shaping it or trimming it right off the bat. Don’t touch the razor, leave the trimmer in the drawer, and let it grow.

2) Eat healthy and exercise. Give your body what it needs to grow your hair as healthy as possible.

3) Fight the itch. Sometimes you have to just deal with the itch – it’s going to fade as the beard gets longer and the hairs grow away from your face. And apply some beard oil and beard softener, guys! It’s going to go a long way in helping to combat the itch.

4) Enjoy the process. Live your life, be patient, and just enjoy the journey of growing.

5) Haters gonna hate. This one is psychological – don’t let the doubters and naysayers get to you. And if they want to press you on it, tell them you can’t shave because you’re taking part in our contest to grow your beard and win a watch from The Fifth!




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Eric Bandholz, Founder