Top Beard Tips for a Yeard

—Wil Mouradian

Drew from Drew's Obsessions is back with us this week, and he's ready to show us what his years has come to.

He's spent the last year with his subscribers going over his yeard progress and giving (as well as receiving) tips for care and product recommendations to help patchy beards grow fuller. 

By day 100 Drew actually reported that he noticed his beard growing in fuller fand thicker than ever. Whether you're looking to grow a yeard for the first time or if you're already in the thick of it, Drew's got some tips to help you get the most out of your yeard. He attributes these gains to

 As his beard grew, Drew had to stay strong-willed to keep up with his yeard game. He's been able to put together this shortlist to help you get through the Year of the Yeard.

1. Prepare for Questions

Some people may never understand the point. Some other people may give you lots of grief for it. Even more people might be concerned that you're "letting yourself go." Don't worry about what they think - but do be prepared to have these questions on the regular.

2. Do it For Yourself

A year is a long time to go without shaving. You're likely gonna get a lot of funny looks. You've got to be strong - just have fun with it! Dye it, straighten it, or let it go wild - as long as you're enjoying the adventure.

3. Invest in Beard Products

There are all sort of products - balms, oils, shampoos, and conditioners are all available. It's nice to have options, but if you're on a budget, you don't need a ton of products. Don't wash your beard every day, but when you do, use specific shampoos for your beard.

4. Find a Bearded Community

Find a group of people who are doing this, too! It'll help you get some skills and strategies around grooming your beard that'll make you feel more confident, and you'll feel empowered around a group of guys who are going through the same things you are.

What should Drew do next? Reach out to him on his channel and give him some input on where to go from here.

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