Touch-Up Beard Trim and a Fade With Lots of Texture

Bo from Poole is in Gentleman & Rogues Club to see Charlie. He wants his hairstyle as a 0.5 along the sides, slightly disconnected, and all the hair on top moving forward with a ton of texture. Then for the beard, all they need to do is go over it with a 1 and line up all the edges.

Charlie starts by taking a .5 just below the occipital bone, then all the way around and up to the temples. Now they just need to blend it up. Charlie takes a 1 guard and flicks at the line the just created. Using the .5, he opens the lever (which makes a .75), holds the skin tight, and flicks the line between the .5 and the 1. Charlie continues the process of working through the guards, by using the 1 and opening it slightly. As he nears the top, Charlie uses a clipper over comb to take the bulk out of it.

To blend the top and the side, the comb is used again, but this time with scissors. Bo still wants to keep the slightly disconnected look but wants to push the hair forward and keep it choppy. To achieve this, Charlie sections the hair into a triangle. He grabs each section and slowly angles his hand out so the hair gets longer and longer toward the front. Then he repeats the process on the other side. With the middle section, he holds it with his fingers and point cuts it. Since the style is a little messy, they finish with Sea Salt Spray before drying Bo's hair.

For the beard, Charlie sharpens the line near the ear to make it sharp and clean. For a natural looking neckline, he trims everything below the point just above Bo's Adam's apple. Then, foils are used to get rid of any unwanted little hairs. A cut throat razor is used on the cheeks to natural looking beard, while still making it look sharp. To finish off, they just follow the beard around with a 1 guard.




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