Trimming a Beard to Get a Tattoo on Your Neck

—Josh Lawson

Carlos is getting his beard trimmed today by Mahesh because he wants to finish up the tattoo on his neck and needs to go higher. He doesn't know whether he needs to shave his beard off or just trim and raise his neckline. So, for now, he just wants to trim it all the way around and see how it looks after rounding it off as well. Mahesh comes in at an angle with the flat edge of the trimmer over and over until he gets the shape he wants. He does this gently instead all at once in case Carlos wants him to stop. He is very particular about his look, but that makes sense since it's how he makes his money.

Carlos' beard is pretty thick and strong, so Mahesh has to use trimmers for shaping it and providing a bulk of the shape to it. Then uses scissors to enhance the softness and feathering. They don't know how high they need to go to fit the tattoo, but they also don't want to compromise the look of the beard by taking the neckline too high. They take it as high as they can. If he needs to go higher for the tattoo, Carlos might have to shave it all off.

Mahesh pulls on the skin to make it tall, and keeps to the line of the beard and goes a little bit higher into the hairline. Carlos also wants to texturize the front of beard to get rid of how wiry it feels to him. Mahesh also takes a few of the stray hairs off the front. He also uses the side of his comb to mold the shape of his beard. To help shape it more, he raises the front slightly.

So he rounded it off, left the weight under the chin and above the neck, as well as sharpened up the sides. Then uses a straight razor around the neck to get rid of the small little hairs. For the final touch, Old Money is applied to his beard and he's good to go!

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