Trimming a Super Round Beard to Fit Your Face

—Josh Lawson

Martin is seeing Josh at Gentleman & Rogues Club for a beard trim and haircut. He wants to go with a 1 on the sides and just a trim on the beard. Josh wets Martin's hair with water and combs it to the style he normally wears. He takes the clippers and starts to make his line. After going all the way around the head, he takes a 0 around the bottom to clean up the little small hairs. Once that is done, he blends the two areas together. Pulling the skin tight will always help you get the best cut. Josh clears away the excess hair that stuck to the head, then switches guards.

With a 2, he flicks through at the weight line to get rid of it. When doing a haircut, it's always best to stay in the same place and just change your grip so you still see the hair from the same angle. Instead of going flat with the guard to the skin cause you'll just move the line further and further up, just flick at it to avoid that. It's a little better to go at an angle rather than straight up and down cause you don't want to create more lines. Josh finishes the haircut by using detailers around the ears and blends the sides with the top by doing a bit of scissor over comb. Then does a little point cutting to give Martin some texture.

Time for the beard trim. His beard flairs out a lot, and curls like a perm. Josh combs it out then starts trimming. He gives the back end a straight line in the back near the ear and sharpens up his cheeks. Josh does a bit of freehanding to get rid of any flyaways. Martin wants to get a more rounded look with his beard since it's still a little shorter. The neckline is important, so Josh follows the jawline to give him the best possible look. He made two lines on either side, so now he just connects them in the middle. For the stache, they just flick through and make sure it's not getting too far past his lip and into his mouth. They finish the trim with foils on the neck and check, then add Styling Balm to his beard and hair for some added shape and control.

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