Trimming a Wild Beard at Cut and Grind

—Parker Mallouf

Cut and Grind fan and Beardbrand supporter heads in for a classic beard trim. Davide gets a good idea about what his client wants. A bit shorter and tidier is the look the client is going for. the end goal is to have a full, neat looking beard.

The area around the chin should be the longest part of the beard. This will give an appearance of an elongated face. Davide achieves this by trimming down the bulk around the neck and below the jaw. He cleans up the neckline and fades the clients sideburns from long to short where the beard connects to the head hair.

To better blend the 'tache with the rest of the beard, Davide uses his comb as a guide to remove some weight from the center area. He takes minimal length off of the ends just to give it a cleaner appearance.


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