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Trimming Your Beard to Maintain Length

Mahesh is still at Gentleman & Rogues Club, and our friend Nick is back! He wants his beard trimmed today. Last time we saw him, his beard was a bit shorter. He's grown it out a bit, and needs to tidy it up. Nick wants to go with more of a trimmed look for the beard, and tighten up the stache since he's starting to eat it a bit. It's been about 2-3 months since Mahesh has seen him last. His main concern now is his mustache. He feels it's getting a bit too dense now, but wants to keep it trimmed and tight.

Today, Mahesh is gonna clipper it in, sharpen the lines on the cheeks, and make it look nice. First, they go in at an angle underneath to make it look tidy. If the bottom looks too much longer than the front, you end up looking like a bum. Instead of using a guard, he uses a clipper over comb. Nick struggles with the growth pattern of his beard, and having it look untidy, so Mahesh works to develop the shape without having the ridge in it.

Some people can get away with a beard trim every other haircut, but other guys need a bit more attention. After the clippers, Mahesh switches to using scissors so they can be specific about what they are cutting. They cut at an angle to help get rid of ridge Nick was getting. This will make sure it doesn't grow back in the same way, and it'll look nice and tidy.

The stache can be the biggest issue when growing a beard. It can just get in the way when you're eating. Nick is finding it a bit too heavy, and wants to thin it out while also keeping the width. Mahesh combs the stache to either side, hold it, and cut underneath (the bits that hang below your lip). After cutting the stache, you can see the shape is much slimmer. That's just a sacrifice you make sometimes when you want a bit of sanity for your beard.

They go back in with the clippers, or the detailer if you want to be specific, to line up the cheeks and create that shape. They also sharpen up the neckline. To finish up the trim, Mahesh uses a straight razor to get rid of any little hairs, and define the lines they created earlier.

Before leaving, Nick gets some Styling Balm to tame any flyaways he may have. Then he can tweak it as he likes throughout the day.





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