Two Easy Steps to Clean Your Beard and Wash Your Face at the Same Time

—Josh Lawson

Carlos is back in the saddle again today to give you some great tips for taking care of your skin and beard. He'll guide you through his personal routine and give the advice he needed to hear when he started to grow his beard.

First, you need to exfoliate. The beard needs to be wet, then you add a generous amount of it to your hand since you need to get both your face skin and beard. Use it all over your face to get rid of all the dead skin. For the beard, make sure to work it all the way to the roots. A helpful tool to use would be a Be-Bop. It really helps spread any product into your beard or your hair. To clean it off you can just rinse it with warm water. Just keep combing through your beard with it while you aim the shower near the same spot so it washes out all the dead skin.

This is usually a once a week routine, with maybe a second time depending on how the week goes. If you do it too much it could make your skin raw and irritated. You'll want to finish with beard wash and use the Be-Bop again to get it all the way worked in. Next time you wash your beard, use beard wash and softener. Basically, when you use the exfoliator you don't need to use the softener.

When using it, you don't need much. Just massage the softener into your beard, wait about a minute, then rinse it out. After drying your beard and combing through it, apply your desired amount of beard oil. Once that is all done, you can use some facial serum. You only need tiny little drops all around your face to give it some moisture back. Then you can use some eye cream, preferably on your ring finger, and just apply it under your eyes to get rid of some of those harsh lines. This routine is best done in the morning, or before bed, or sometimes both.

Even though his skin is a little oily normally, the serum doesn't really make it worse. It penetrates down into the skin and really helps. Carlos has been doing this routine for a couple years now, and his skin has definitely thanked him for it. There is nothing wrong with men using these products. Why is self-care limited to women? Take care of yourself guys!

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