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Tying a Tie When You Have Beard

Today Greg's showing us how to tie one on, literally! Life hack before you get started, wear a flesh tone t-shirt under your dress shirt to hide the lines that a white shirt would leave. It also saves on laundry costs. Spread collar shirts are fairly common right now. What's special about them is that they point out instead of down like most shirts. The problem though is that with a big beard you can't see the collar when you look down, and you don't want to be looking up away from people all the time. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just something to consider. Hell, you may not have even noticed there are different types of collars.

When tying a neck tie with this collar, you'll need to tie a larger knot to fill the space. Greg is gonna be tying a half-windsor knot. You'll want the larger side to be 2/3 down your chest and the smaller side at 1/3. But you may have to play around with it depending on your tie and your height. Move the large side over the small side, and wrap it around, then fold it into the opening at the top and down. Wrap that across the front, and pinch it at the bottom to form the triangle of the knot. Go up through the opening, down and through the triangle you just formed. Then pull the short part to adjust the height of the knot and make it as tight as you need.

Now we're gonna do the knot to do when you don't want to hide your collar. You'll want to use the point collar for this knot. In medium to longer beards it'll cover the top bottom, but goes down further. This knot is called the four-in-hand knot. Once again make the small side at about 1/3 and large side at 2/3 adjusting as necessary.

Take the large and wrap it around the small, and then wrap it again to where it is in the back. Then bring it through the opening, and through the triangle, you just formed. It is usually much narrower and works great with the point collars and longer beards.

Both knots are great options and it's all about how each one makes you feel. So play around and see what works best for you. Maybe Greg will even do a video on bowties later down the line.





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