Urban Beardsman Shirt #1 in Check

—Urban Beardsman

The majority of modern day offices follow a business casual dress code, but whether you work in a super relaxed environment or one that requires you to pull yourself together a bit more and wear a suit jacket, the Urban Beardsman Shirt #1 is a great piece to incorporate into your wear-to-work wardrobe. Take the burgundy check for example. It blends a classic office gingham with a modern cotton-linen fabric to create the perfect piece to wear into the office. Now if you work in a strict pressed shirt, navy pinstripe type of Wall Street environment we can’t really help you (but can anyone?). For the rest of us this shirt is a great way to inject the daily grind with a little personality and style.


The muted burgundy tone of the gingham is perfect for adding just the right amount of color to your work wardrobe and it will pair perfectly with almost anything. Just picture this shirt paired with a wool trouser and a skinny knit tie. Good right? Better yet, layer this sucker under a charcoal blazer and imagine just a little bit of that contrast pocket peeking out from behind your lapel. Now that’s money. And that’s a good thing because you are at work after all.


The versatility of the shirt will really shine when everyone decides to grab a much-deserved drink after hours and you’re able to slip your blazer off and look perfectly styled for drinks and everyone else is still donning everyday office attire. I’m telling you, this shirt will become one that you not only add to your work week rotation but one that you look forward to wearing when you get to.

The Urban Beardsman Shirt #1 Collection comes in three different patterns. Cut to order, the shirts will ship out in December. You only have until October 15th to pre-order, so reserve yours here.

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