Urban Beardsman Shirt #1 in Grey

—Urban Beardsman

Style is a funny thing. No one wants to look like they spent minutes (hours?) trying to look good. We all want to look like we just grabbed any old thing and walked out looking great. In my experience, that rarely happens. Is that right? No, but that’s the crazy world we live in. Looking good takes effort and thought, two things that can sometimes be in short supply when you’re trying to get dressed so you can tackle the rest of your day. So the easiest way to stress free style is to fill your closet with pieces that are stylish on their own and don’t require too much work on your part. And that my friends is where the Urban Beardsman Shirt #1 in grey comes into play.

Putting on this shirt is perhaps one of the easiest style choices you can make. For one, it’s downright cool looking. Crafted out of high quality Japanese cotton and linen, it has a slightly wrinkled texture which makes sure you never look like you thought too hard about your casual look (remember, that’s bad). And its light grey color goes with absolutely everything from dark denim to khaki chinos.

The shirt features embroidered crossed lines on the contrast fabric chest pocket which gives it just the right amount of interest. It has style without screaming at anyone who can see you. Button the collar up all the way for a look that’s both preppy and edgy at the same time, or unbutton a button or two to show off the contrast fabric detailing on the inside of the collar for a casual cool look. Throw the shirt on for a day running errands around town (I mean you never know who you could run into) or a lunch date with someone special. Don’t have someone special? Don’t worry, let the shirt do its job and that’ll be taken care of too. You’re welcome.

The Urban Beardsman Shirt #1 Collection comes in three different patterns. Cut to order, the shirts will ship out in December. You only have until October 15th to pre-order, so reserve yours here.


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