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Get The Most Volume For Your Hair With This Perfect Cut

Matt's come in for a haircut but wants something with more of a well-known feel to it. He wants to trim it on top and fade the sides with about a 1 guard with some weight above the ears. Craig is gonna help him achieve the dreams of his hair. The end goal is to have it has a side part and styled to the back. After fading it, and taking out a bit of the weight, he wants to taper the back as well.

Craig starts off by seeing how his hair falls naturally. He keeps the hair slightly damp so it can stick away from where he needs it to go. He uses three lovely clips to keep the hair on top all in one place while he works on the sides. Craig starts with a 1 in the back since it has the largest surface area. Then he uses a comb and flicks away as to not create such a hard line. He takes the clippers around the ears, and makes sure not the cross the line he made earlier.

He takes the comb again, but this time he uses it in the area near the top to take out a bit of the weight, changing the angle as he goes to lighten the fade and ease the blend. Next Craig uses a .5 guard to taper off the ends like he mentioned earlier. He takes multiple combs and a trimmer to get the cut just right, then uses some scissors to feather off the edges. Next, he takes on the crown and connects it. Then he sections the top from the crown and connects those edges as well.

Lastly he cuts from the internal layer of hair to take a little bit more of the weight out. He doesn't fully close the scissors as he pulls them out, which thins the hair. All of this gives the hair some texture as well. We end it all off with some sea salt spray to give the hair volume and even more texture after we blow dry his hair. This leaves him with the classic quiff he wanted when he came in. Styled, cut, done.





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