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Weight Gain and Loss with Carlos Costa

Carlos is back this week to discuss his personal experiences with weight gain and loss over the last few years.

As a baby, Carlos says he was chunkier until around seven years old when he started playing sports like volleyball, football, and basketball. By 12 he had gone through a growth spurt and was taller and thinner than he ever had been. During his later teen years and 20’s Carlos explains that his battle with drug addiction had a serious impact on his weight, as he lost a substantial amount during that time due to the effects of the drugs he was using. Even before he got sober, he took a break from drug use but was drinking heavily. In addition, he was working as a chef and was eating more than usual. During this period, Carlos says he packed on too much weight from the combination of heavy drinking, too much bacon, and lack of exercise.

Once he returned to drug use, he saw his weight dramatically drop to a point of now being far too thin. It wasn’t until he entered a rehab program and was not only clean, but exercising and eating three square meals a day that he started to put on healthy weight.

Carlos says even clean and sober, he noticed he was still having trouble keeping weight on, likely caused by his frequent jogs and soccer games. But he says in the last few years he has seen his weight even out and reach a steadily healthy point. He now has found a good balance of exercise and eating a vegan diet.





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