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Our story starts back in 2011 with Eric Bandholz working to surround himself with encouraging supporters that fit the Urban Beardsman ethos. All sorts of people who are growing their beards and creating a positive community.

Our mission is to change the way that society views beardsmen and shift the negative stereotypes about guys who choose to grow their beard. We will continue to work towards that mission while sharing tips & knowledge along the way about beard care, hair & body, style, and personal growth.

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  • Oh the unsolicited conversation intros and comments about my beard from people close to me, in proximity, and passing strangers. To sooth the irritation, I chose to gorge myself with beard memes. They worked well to bring laughs. However, I realized they were personally unhealthy because they were so very condescending. I was becoming an angry beardsman. I am putting an end to that! Heck, I just want to grow a beard and be me, encourage you to be you, ya know? Thanks Eric! I am thankful to have found this community. Be beardiful. -Kyle

    Kyle on

  • I must say that I am so glad to meet this community of bearded men.

    Watching all the video tutorials I came to understand more about how to maintain my beard and different ways that I can make it look healthy by using products, and at the same time be able to keep it looking awesome.

    I want to say thanks to Greg he has been very professional on Instagram where we been chatting about different ways of keeping my beard and mustache the beardbrand way.

    Thanks to him I purchase some mustache wax, and the prices are so good that I bought me a three pack and as soon as I run out of beard oil I will make sure to purchase some more but this time through though beardbrand and some beard balm.

    Thank you all for what you do for the community.

    “Beard On”

    Manuel N Rabell (Manny) on

  • First time growing out my beard, I thought I’d give it a shot and see how much I can grow. I’m in my first week and I’ve started to notice that I’m getting some pimples on my face under the hair. Is this common? And should I or can I use an acne facial cleanser? Or will beard wash do the trick? Another question is about my beard. I have some bald spots where no hair is growing at all, does that mean no hair will ever grow in that particular spot or could that area be a slow growing area?

    Issac on

  • I regretably shaved my beard off. I miss it and am growing it back. I’m just a week into it. Man, I blew it. I should have just cut my hair and it would have made the difference. Good advice from your videos. I’m going to do the 90 and watch my wardrobe and hair style. I think that’s gonna make all the difference. Thanks guys.

    Brian on

  • Ken, cleaning up the neckline makes a HUGE difference in the way others will perceive whether a beard looks clean or not. It is by far the most important area to maintain clean to assure your beard doesn’t have you looking like the homeless dude stereotype. Be careful not to go to far up under the jawline, about a finger or two above the adams apple is a good reference point. Good luck with your peers and their opinions, don’t let them influence you. Just be you my man.

    Joshua Carter on

  • I’m new to growing a beard although I’m 53 yrs old. You know I just decided 3months ago ‘Why Not" but I have no clue as to how to groom it or which haircut would look good.I’ve watched some of your videos and it seems that most guys are wearing their hair short on the sides. Does this cut extend all the way along the back to the other side? And is their a special reason to clean up the neck under the beard? I’m just letting all facial hair grow except the mustache(allergies=runny nose) and under the lip(food sticking to hairs). Thanks for any input, I’ve been around clean shaven men my whole life and have noticed that I’m starting to be shunned by friends and family. I guess I’m getting rebellious in my old age.

    Ken on

  • Samuel, I am a beardsman myself, and also an apprentice barber. My recomendation for you is to promise you and your beard a 90 grow period, with no trimming at all (neckline and cheekline optional). This will let you get passed the awkward in-between phase, where’s hairs tend to go astray and not really fall into a uniform shape. After 90 days, maybe get a shape-up, most importantly clean up the underbeard, and/or decide on another 90 grow period. The other option would be to shop around for a beard balm with a lot of beeswax in it, which is the primary “hold” ingredient. Pretty sure honest amish is a mix of butter and oils, waxy oils perhaps, but I believe it has no beeswax. Good luck, and beard on friend.

    Joshua Carter on

  • Like what you have to say. I do have a question. I would like my beard to be well groomed and lay flat but if I let it keep growing it does not do that so I trim it down but I would like to have a beard similar to yours, maybe not exactly but a little more than just a little overgrown facial hair! :) Are there any tricks to keeping those wild hairs tamed or do they just need to be trimmed? I use Honest Amish balm that is nice but it does not keep those hairs down. Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Like what you are doing! -Samuel

    Samuel on

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