Welcome to the Family: How to grow your beard

—Parker Mallouf
Welcome to the Family: How to grow your beard

Today, we're going back to basics. Unlike other companies you see on the internet, Beardbrand is much more than a beard supply store. We invite anyone with an interest in facial hair to join our ever-growing community. Not only to give our supporters access to top quality grooming products but also offer a network of support promoting growth in every aspect of a man's life.

To those of you pondering the idea of growing out your beard for the very first time, read on. For the weathered beardsman wanting to spread knowledge and support for first-timers, you too have come to the right place.

The overarching question we receive all too often here at Beardbrand is both incredibly complex, and surprisingly simple. How do I grow my beard?

Let me start by saying, just do it. The first time growing out your beard is far from easy, and not always an enjoyable experience. However, the end result makes all the time and effort totally worth it.

Beards also have a lot to do with hormones and genetics. These days, many young men in the age range of 12-20 want to sport the full beards they see all over the media. Unfortunately, guys, unless you're an incredibly early bloomer, your body has not matured enough to achieve this amount of facial hair. In this case, patience is key. Remember that chances are you are going to have an awesome beard, you just need to wait a few years before it happens.

In a time of instant gratification, this realization can be hard to cope with. Remember, most of the bearded men you see online and on TV were once teenagers too. It's safe to say they probably didn't have the ability to grow a beard either.

Another thing that we as men have to accept is genetics. If you come from a long line of beardless men, then chances are you a probably going to have a tougher time filling out a full beard. This isn't to steer you away from growing. There are a lot of kickass beard styles that don't require a full face forest. Check out some of these styles on our video here.

Let's get to growing. Put down your trimmers, your razors, and your scissors. You are only hindering the process by constantly trying to keep your facial hair trimmed to perfection in the early stages of growth. The reality is, you won't need any of those tools for the first couple weeks.

Keep in mind this advice doesn't apply to the stubble warriors out there that like to keep their facial hair as close to the skin as possible. That is a whole different battle in itself.

For those of you going for length and/or volume, the first couple of weeks is by far the worst. You simply are going to have to push through it. In this stage, you will be able to project how your beard is going to grow. Some of you might achieve the full spotless beard right from the get-go, but the majority of you are going to have some patches. This is OK.

Believe it or not, as your beard begins to show some length, it will actually start to cover up the patches itself. It won't be until the third or fourth week of growing that you will have enough beard to start shaping your neck and cheek line. After the first month, if it appears your patches aren't filling in as quickly as you'd like, then you might consider sporting a shorter beard look to take the attention away from the open spaces.

This does NOT mean shave it off. A slightly long stubble looks great regardless of patches. Your stubble can actually give you the appearance that you can grow a full beard, you simply choose to keep it short and neat.

Another common happening that many men stress about is the rate of which certain features of their beard grow. For example, my mustache grows in exceptionally slower than the rest of my beard. No there's nothing wrong with that, I just have to adjust my trimming schedule to even everything out.

If I give my beard a neck and cheek line trim every couple of weeks, I just shape my mustache every other time. It is nothing to stress over, and unfortunately guys, there's absolutely nothing we can do to fix it.

It's never to early to start applying beard oil or beard balm. The healthier your skin is, the healthier your facial hair will look and feel. Although it won't be as noticeable until a month or so into your growth, these products will significantly soften your facial hair. In fact, even in the very early stages of growth, beard oil will take the awful beard itch away, and keep the skin flakes caused by excessive dryness down to a minimum.

Now let's fast forward and month or two. You have achieved the awesome beard you've always dreamed about. However, since you've avoided trimming and shaping, your beard looks pretty scraggly. You have enough hair now to shape your beard to your liking.

My suggestion to you is to find a picture of a beard that catches your interest and take it to a trusted barber. Keep in mind when you're looking for a picture to use as a template, be realistic about it. If your beard is only two inches long, but the guy in the picture is sporting a five-inch beard style, it's probably smart to find a different picture.

After your initial beard trim, you now have a shape you can maintain yourself. With a solid foundation, the options you have to style your beard are endless. The longer you let your beard grow, the more options you'll have.

Stay up to date with Beardbrands Youtube channel to have an inside look and beard styles and trends. We're always here to answer any beard or style related question you may have.

The single most important takeaway from this article is simple. Stay patient, and reap the rewards. Living the bearded lifestyle is both fun and rewarding. All things great, don't come easy. I wish you the best of luck on your growing journey.

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