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We here at Urban Beardsman and Beardbrand are excited and proud to announce some brand new content that will be coming your way each and every week – our Urban Beardsman Podcast! Hosted by Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz and co-hosted by Beardbrand’s own Clayton Cook, our new podcast will be discussing men’s lifestyle topics ranging from beards and style, to health and travel, and is aimed at helping guys far and wide discover ways to better themselves as men. In this inaugural episode, meet Eric and Clayton, and learn a bit about what’s in store for listeners.

Episode one of our Urban Beardsman Podcast is all about the beard journey, and Eric and Clayton are discussing their bearded beginnings.

Hear Clayton discuss his early beard days, the loophole that allowed him to grow facial hair in high school, and his mom’s sentiments on beards.

Eric discusses his longstanding desire to grow facial hair from an early age but being a late bloomer, what constitutes a “beard”, and his time in the corporate world that kept him completely-shaven.

Check out the first episode now to hear more about Eric and Clayton’s journeys from completely-shaven lads to full-fledged beardsmen!

About Our Podcast:

The Urban Beardsman Podcast is a show bringing listeners strategies on how to improve their lives. We cover a broad range of topics from style to travel; entertainment and more. Hear a new episode every Monday on iTunes iTunes and Soundcloud.

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