Wet Shave Scalp Treatment & Beard Trim

—Emily Wylie

Hey- Back at Cut and Grind today with Josh from Soho for a hair and beard trim from Master Barber Jay. 

The scalp treatment 

Josh wants to take this hair down to the skin. To do that Jay first uses a zero shave all over the head. A good exfoliating head scrub gets rid of all the impurities and helps loosen any ingrown hairs before he straight razors the scalp. With the grain first, then across it. Jason thinks for this shave it’s not necessary to go against the hair. The nicks on the scalp are caused when hairs are pushing up through a blocked hair follicle. To prevent this from happening you should exfoliate regularly. A hot towel helps open up pores and unclog those hair follicles. Be sure to also keep your head really moisturized when you get a service like this to avoid any ingrown hairs and to keep the head really smooth.

The Beard Trim 

For a King Arthur beard. Clean up the mustache, and the neck up to the throat, crop the chin in but leave length in the cheek, length in front. The beard will be square underneath but Jay uses scissors to round our the side of jaw area. Just be sure to soften the point on the chin. 


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