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What Color Clothing Best Suits Your Beard Color?

Like all aspects of one’s personal style, how your beard plays with different colors and types of clothing is something that a beardsman must keep in mind. It might sound silly, but you have to consider the color of the clothes you’re wearing when it comes to how well they’ll play with your beard. Although there are some universals, for instance, don’t wear fur for any number of reasons, each beard color presents different things to keep in mind.

According to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, for the brown and black beard guys, you can wear just about anything, but try to stay away from dark shirts in similar colors as they take away from the pop of your actual beard. Wear something lighter, a grey or blue perhaps, in order to get the truly desired effect.

For blonde beards, the rare, unicorn-level breed, you can go with just about anything, but wearing a lot of the lighter greys won’t play to your blondeness that well. As the rarest of all beardsman, aim to really let your beard shine and try out some darker tones to play off your lighter colored beard.

For the red beards and gingers, blues are where it’s really at. Greens work well too, but if you aren’t careful you can come off looking rather Christmassy by accident. Also, stay away from the reds with the red beard, it’ll be challenging and should be avoided at all costs.

And lastly the grey beards, the silverbacks of the bearded kingdom, pretty much everything is open to you. You’re a man of experience, dress however you see fit. Although if you have a white beard, it might be best to avoid red. Again, for the Christmassy assumptions.

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